Noje - Pdq Display Refill Pack BL-77100

Noje - Pdq Display Refill Pack

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Noje Wands are petite, multi-speed, multi-function, and USB rechargeable. Featuring 10 deep, rumbly vibrating vunctions consisting of 5 speeds and 5 unique rhythms. They're made with body-safe ABS plastic and have 100% Silicone sleeves.

Save 3% off the wholesale price of the individual wands by buying this PDQ Refill Pack, which includes 9 wands total, 1 of each style and color:

BL-76120 Noje W1. - Rose
BL-76121 Noje W1. - Wisteria
BL-76122 Noje W1. - Sage
BL-76220 Noje W2. - Rose
BL-76221 Noje W2. - Wisteria
BL-76222 Noje W2. - Sage
BL-76330 Noje W3. - Rose
BL-76331 Noje W3. - Wisteria
BL-76332 Noje W3. - Sage